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What's the offer for this giveaway?
Each code on the inside of specially marked Reese's Puffs cereal boxes is worth a NBA 2K19 Locker Code.

This code will get you:

  • 1,000 Virtual Currency (VC) OR 2,500 VC from specially-marked Family sized boxes (20.7 oz) purchased at Walmart
  • A MyTEAM League pack

Codes can be found on the inside of any size box of specially marked Reese's Puffs cereal (11.5oz, 16.7oz, or 20.7oz). You can redeem Locker Codes in-game from September 11, 2018 - March 31, 2019. See the Terms and Conditions for complete details.
How many offers or Locker Codes can I receive?
You can receive as many offers or Locker Codes as you would like. Keep in mind, each code within specially marked boxes of Reese's Puffs can only be entered once and is good for one (1) Offer or Locker Code in this giveaway.
How do I redeem my NBA 2K19 Locker Code?
  1. From the main menu of NBA 2K19, load MyTEAM
  3. Enter the Locker Code you received above using the virtual keyboard
I think I'm having technical issues. What should I do?
Sometimes it's a simple thing like updating your browser. Check to be sure that you have a modern version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. Also, you may want to check your browser preferences section to be sure JavaScript is enabled. Clearing your cache and cookies also helps in this instance.
I'm having trouble entering a code. What should I do?
Make sure you are entering the code exactly as shown. In most cases, this means you would not include spaces and use all lower case letters where applicable.
I have recently moved or updated my email address. Can I change my registration information for this promotion?
We apologize for any inconvenience, but due to the number of entries we receive, we are unable to change registration information. If you do win a prize during the promotional period and your contact information does change, contact and provide your updated information.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request.

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