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Q1. What is the Help Us Help a Heart Program?
A1. Cheerios® and The American Heart Association have teamed up to create awareness of heart disease. Starting in Jan. 2013, Cheerios® will donate $1.00 to the American Heart Association for every 10 Digit UPC code entered from specially-marked boxes of Cheerios® by January 31, 2014 or until the maximum donation of $100,000 is reached.
Q2. Who can participate?
A2. Participation is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia.
Q3. How do I participate?
A3. You can participate by entering a 10 Digit UPC code from specially-marked packages of Cheerios® and entering it at For each 10 Digit UPC code entered, CheeriosĀ® will donate $1.00 to The American Heart Association up to $100,000. You may enter only one 10 Digit UPC code per email address registered with the program per day.
Q4. What is a UPC?
A4. UPC stands for Universal Product Code and is the bar code located on Cheerios® cereal packages.
Q5. Which digits of the UPC should I enter?
A5. UPCs are ten digits and appear beneath the bar code on Cheerios® cereal packages. Do not enter the number on the left or right sides of the UPC.
Q6. How many UPCs can I enter?
A6. You may enter up to one UPC per day.
Q7. Can I enter the same UPC more than once?
A7. Yes, but only one UPC per email address per day will be accepted.
Q8. Is there a cap on the donation amount?
A8. Yes. Cheerios® will donate up to $100,000 to the American Heart Association from UPC entries.
Q9. How will the donation money be used?
A9. The American Heart Association will direct funds from this program toward their My Heart. My Life. healthy living initiative. This program helps educate the public on ways to best lead a healthy lifestyle and provides simple tools to monitor your heart-health habits.
Q10. How long will this program last?
A10. Consumers can go online to enter UPCs through 11:59 p.m. ET on January 31, 2014 or until the maximum variable donation of $100,000 is reached.

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